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Let Your Little One Master Independent Eating

Let Your Little One Master Independent Eating with Grabease Tableware Our stay-put table set includes a 6-section plate, divided bowl, and award-winning self-feeding spoon and fork pair, perfect for building your little one's confidence in independent eating. Whether your child is just starting baby-led weaning or is a preschooler developing fine motor skills, Grabease tableware gently guides them through the process at their own pace.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Mealtime

Say goodbye to mealtime messes with Grabease tableware! Our plates and bowls feature strong suction bottoms to prevent tipping and throwing, while promoting finger strength and proper pincer grip. Sized for small hands, our self-feeding spoons and forks have ergonomic handles and choke protection barriers for added safety.

Safe and Easy to Clean

Our microwave-safe Grabease dishes are made of 100% food-grade silicone that is durable, odor- and stain-resistant. Our 100% polypropylene plastic utensils are BPA-, PVC- and phthalates-free, ensuring your child's safety. All our products are dishwasher-friendly, making clean-up a breeze.

Colorful and Gift-Ready

Grabease table sets come in a playful cloud design and fun colors, making them an ideal choice for baby showers or toddler gifts. Complete a gift basket or surprise your little one with a delightful and durable Grabease stay-put plate, bowl, and utensil set for their first birthday or any happy occasion.


Grabease is an industry leader in premium baby and toddler products for self-feeding and self-care. From kid-sized utensils to grip-base dishware and double-sided toothbrushes, our products have been recommended on trusted websites, including Romper and, and endorsed by industry experts, including pediatric feeding specialists and occupational therapists. Trus

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Grabease tableware is not only safe and convenient for your child but also eco-friendly. Our silicone dishes and polypropylene utensils are reusable and designed to last, reducing waste and helping to protect the environment. Choose Grabease and make a positive impact on your child's future and the planet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 8 frequent questions that address common concerns regarding our silicone feeding sets:

Silicone is a synthetic polymer composed of silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It is a non-toxic, odorless material that is free of allergens and BPA. Silicone feeding sets are safe for babies because they are free of harmful chemicals and are resistant to bacteria and mold growth.

Silicone Material for baby silicone feeding set


Our minimum order quantity for customized silicone feeding sets is 200 sets, but we can accommodate smaller orders for non-customized sets. Please contact us for more information.

We offer samples of our silicone feeding sets for a nominal fee, plus shipping costs. To request a sample, please contact our customer service team by email.

We offer a range of customization options, including printing logos onto the silicone material. Once you have placed your order and provided us with your logo artwork, our team will work with you to create a digital proof for approval before moving forward with production.

Yes, all of our silicone feeding sets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety and quality standards. We are happy to provide copies of our testing reports upon request.

Yes, our silicone feeding sets are dishwasher safe and can also be washed by hand using warm soapy water. Be sure to remove any detachable parts, such as lids or utensils, before washing.

Yes, our silicone feeding sets are microwave safe and can withstand temperatures of up to [insert temperature limit here]. However, please note that certain components, such as the lids, may need to be removed before microwaving.

Yes, our silicone feeding sets are designed for use by babies and toddlers of all ages. However, we recommend supervising children during mealtimes and checking the set for any signs of wear or damage before each use.

  • We accept a variety of payment methods to make it as easy as possible for our customers to purchase our silicone feeding sets. Currently, we accept the following payment methods:

    • PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to make a payment directly on our website. Simply select the “PayPal” option during checkout and follow the prompts to log into your account.

    • Bank transfer: If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact our customer service team for more information. We will provide you with our bank details so that you can initiate the transfer.

    • Trade Assurance: For orders over a certain amount, we also offer payment via Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program. This program provides additional security and protection for buyers and sellers.

    Please note that all prices on our website are listed in US dollars. If you are ordering from outside the China, your bank may charge additional conversion fees or exchange rate fluctuations. If you have any questions about payment or need assistance with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

for the stock ones, we can send you at once. normally , if by express, it will take a week. if by sea, it will take a month.

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The perfect pairing of safety and style - our silicone feeding sets.

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